A site called Dating in the age of COVID-19 is launched

In the times of coronavirus, it is getting tough for everyone to kill their boredom since they have nothing to do. And hence, a new dating advice site called dating in the age of COVID-19 is launched which will help the people to connect with each other and date virtually even in the lockdown where you don’t have to meet each other.

You can simply register yourself in the site and find the people near you who you can talk with.

The maker of the app, Spira said -“We’re living in an uncertain time, and it’s my goal to bring love and joy to those who are feeling lonely or isolated,”

There are many more such apps like The league, eHarmony, Facetime, Zoom and PlentyofFish available which can easily do the same. In this new app, you can simply find as many people as you want and start dating virtually.

The app will also launch the features like social hour, datechat where you will be able to date for free and the experts will be answering the questions of dating.

The app will be available for free of cost and will be easy to use. You can register yourself for free.

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