Women arrested for breaking the lockdown of Coronavirus to meet someone she met through dating app

Because of the coronavirus pandemic going on in world, people are locking down their country and nobody is allowed to go out from their homes. However, a women from Spain broke this rule and went out to meet someone she met via dating app and hence, she got arrested.

The women got stopped by the police offers in the city of Ctalonia on Saturday night. According to a famous news paper, she was coming back from meeting the man and was on her way to home. However, she got arrested by the cops.

The police force, The mossos d’Esquadra tweeted about the same. They said that the women broke the rule just because she wanted to meet someone she met online. The police said-

She was detained for violating the mandatory confinement as well as resisting and disobeying the “stay home” agents.

Spain has also announced a state of emergency and complete lockdown on March 14th and is not allowing anyone from any country to come to their country.

Due to the outbreak and the damage, it got extended till 11 April. However, it was intended to last for 15 days only.

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