Portland Dating App launched

The Portland Dating App has been launched on iOS and Android recently.  Where the market is already coverend by multinationals, the Portland Dating App strives to do what microbreweries did for the beer industry – disrupt the giants by tailoring to the tastes and preferences of local customers.

“Over 2,000 people around Portland downloaded the app this weekend. We were blown away at the response. People spent more than 120 hours on the app Sunday alone,” said Ben Mussi, Founder. “When we found out it was the #1 Trending Dating App on the Google Play Market, the team was so thrilled!”

The Portland-Vancouver area has big dating community where more than half of the population is single.  Portland’s lively food scene, bustling nightlife, and many recreational activities provide great opportunity for dating. Though, modern dating has many challenges, as the people have busy schedule and traffic problems.

The Portland Dating App is a solution of many of such issues as it connects the compatible people with similar schedules on a neighborhood basis.  AThe features of the app have been designed in collaborations with the social media with singles, resulting in an app that continuously improves through user-generated ideas. App supports full screen mode where you can get a better view of the pictures and videos.  The app has been created with the idea to help people actually meet around the Portland-Vancouver area.

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