Another Dating app is leaking User’s Data

There are many dating app which are now revealed as name in the list of apps who are leaking data. Many known names are in the list already. The latest one to join the list is the Heyyo dating app which is leaking information of the users. It is exposing around 72000 users’ data online. The Elasticsearch database, leaked the personal details, images, location data, phone numbers and dating preferences.

Robert Ramsden Board, VP EMEA at Securonix said, “The data leaked exposes users to a host of security threats, which could leave them vulnerable to scammers. Threats range from identify theft, catfishing, blackmail, sexual harassment to phishing. Users should be cautious about the information they share on dating apps and stay alert to any suspicious activity or interactions.”

In 2016 too, a dating website Ashley Madison who has a slogan “Life is short, have an affair” was also revealed as one who has been leaking the data of 37 million users of around 40 countries. The website encourages the users to cheat their spouse.

Warren Poschman, Senior Solutions Architect at comforte AG. said“With the power of data analytics also comes great responsibility – unfortunately something that many organizations still fail to fully grasp, even after numerous breaches.”

Last month four popular apps have been came into the news for their features which were leaking the information of the users. Such apps are getting dangerous for the users as they are leaking the information which could be misused by others.

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