Sisters Launched a Dating app ‘Dig’ for Dog lovers

Love Dogs? Want a partner who also loves dog? Don’t worry your problem has apparently been solved by a new app launch. Two sisters Casey and Leigh Isaacson have launched a new dating app for those who love dogs but gets problem in finding a partner who can share this pet love. The app is known as Dig. This application is based on the idea that other people do not understand Dog people. In such case, Dog people should date dog lovers and thus they would not get any problem in keeping their dog with them.

Leigh Isaacson said in an interiew “There’s a disconnect between what people want from most dating apps, and what dating apps provide”

She added “Research indicates that 55 percent of single Americans own pets. So we created an app that leads with one of the things in life that’s most important to people: their dog!”

“Or, as the app puts it, When you’re dating and you’re a dog person, nothing matters more than finding someone who fits into your dog-forward lifestyle.”

The Dig application has already attracted about 30000 users in its launch year. More are to be added in the list. The app lets the users to find the perfect match in the nearby locations. It also suggests Dog friendly locations for date. The application differs from other dating apps in many ways. Users can get dates out of their social circle on this application.

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