eHarmony App

There are so many dating apps present on the internet, and eHarmony is one of them. According to the report of eHarmony, they are the reason for the 550 marriages per day in the United States of America. So yes, eHarmony is quite famous in the field of matrimonial sites. eHarmony was launched back in August of 2000, and since then this dating/ matrimonial website is providing the best services to its users.

How does it work?

  • At the very beginning when you will join eHarmony, you have to create an account in it by creating a profile. In this procedure, you have to put personal information, so that the site will use it to find the best matches for you.
  • That personal information can be asked by the eHarmony is in the form of a questionnaire which is compulsory for everyone to answer it. Those questionnaires are on your characteristics, values, beliefs, health, skills, emotions, etc.
  • And then the optimized algorithms of eHarmony will try to equate your output of the questionnaire to the output of the other users. Then the website will inform you with best matches for you.
  • There are so many factors on which this matching algorithm depends like questionnaires, your locality, the time you are spending this app and many other factors. The matching algorithm or model eliminates 99.7% of users which are not compatible with you. So, this app is actually providing a very good rate of success to the users in finding their soulmates.

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