Download Omegle v1.96

OmegleLooking for an app which can let you talk to different people without even telling them who you are? If you are looking for the same, then you need to download the app called Omegle. The app is nothing but a chatting app. You can talk to anyone through the app and if you want, you can filter out some specific region too. Everything is upon you and you can use the app for free of cost too. 

Features of Omegle v1.96

  • Omegle lets you talk to anyone you want to through the app.
  • If you are not very comfortable telling your real identity to the one you are talking to, then you can simply hide your name and talk to the person. No one will know who you are until and unless you tell the person about you.
  • You can talk to anyone through the app. The app is available in most of the countries so the chances are high that you talk to people who are from other countries.
  • If you want to know the person but don’t want to ask direct questions, then you can ask them some secretive questions which you can ask without letting them know who is asking it. You can ask 2 questions per person.
  • The app will also do the webcam chat but only if you are 18+.

How to download Omegle v1.96?

For using the app, you need to click here and make sure to download the app by clicking on the given button. Once you do that, you can use the app.

Download Omegle App

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