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OmegleDo you like talking to strangers online? You can download the app named Omegle and start chatting to different strangers all around the globe. It is the safest platform for talking to random people online. If you want, you can also filter out some countries and area to talk to the people around you or near you as well. If not, you can choose the countries too. It will help you in making new friends with different language and tradition. It is indeed a must app to use. Omegle is available in many languages. So if you are not comfortable with any specific language, switch to another one easily. Also, the app has spy mode too where you can ask any stranger two different question without revealing your identity. If they answer it, you will understand a bit about them and it will help you in talking to them more. If you are not good to show your identity and then talk, you can use the anonymous mode too where you can hide your name and only the stranger will appear in the place of your name to another person. All over, the app is a must use app.

Features of Omegle v1.29

  • Easy to use.
  • Available in different languages.
  • Has a spy mode.
  • Omegle is more concerned about your safety especially if you are below 18.
  • No vulgarity.
  • Free of cost app.
  • Can have a video talk.
  • Can filter out the countries.

How to download Omegle v1.29

To download Omegle, just make sure you have enabled the unknown sources and you can download the app.

Download Omegle App


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