Download Omegle v1.0

OmegleWant more friends? Socialising is the best way to get new friends. We are not talking about regular socialising methods. You can also socialize using online chat room. Omegle is one such platform. It is an online chat app that let’s you chat with other millions of users around the world. The app is for above 18 people. If you don’t want to reveal identity while chatting, this app would be apt for you.

Features of Omegle v1.0

Here are the features of this chatting app-

  • It is free to use, won’t charge you anything.
  • It allows 18+ age group.
  • It let’s you hide your identity while chatting with other users.
  • It has option of chatting with text and pictures.
  • It is compatible with all platforms.

How to download Omegle v1.0?

To chat and make friends you would need to download the Omegle app in your device be it phone or PC. With these easy steps get the app in your device-

1- If you are downloading the app in phone, before you start head to the settings menu in your phone. Next, look for installation from unknown sources checkbox option. Turn it on as only after this you would be able to download the app.

2- Click the link to initiate download, which we have given just below the article.

3- Open the file once it gets downloaded in your device.

4- Follow the appeared instructions and click install. This will make your app ready to use.

Download OmegleĀ 

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